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Welcome Emails

Learn more about welcome emails, see examples, and learn how to automate them through Bikky and Mailchimp.

Welcome a first-time guest to your restaurant with welcome emails to build a relationship with them. In this article, we'll cover:

  1. Welcome Email Explanation
  2. Welcome Email Examples
  3. Automating Welcome Email Instructions

Welcome Email Explanation

For new guests to your restaurant, you should engage with them right after their first order to build and nourish your relationship. As a best practice, Bikky recommends a series of emails (also called a ‘sequence’) that introduces your new guests to your brand to drive repeat orders. Your welcome emails should be story-based that introduces your founding story, menu items, and other facets of the restaurant you want to communicate. 

The first email in the sequence is sent the day after a guest places an order for the time. Then, subsequent emails in the sequence are sent 5 days apart. The content of the first email should be 'thank you for your order' and a welcome from the founder. The content of the other emails should include, but not limited to, menu item highlights, the story of the restaurant, your food ethos/philosophy, and an introduction to your loyalty program (if you have one).

Here's an example of a welcome email sequence:

Screen Shot 2021-05-04 at 9.31.40 AM



Welcome Email Examples

INDAY Welcome Emails

  1. Welcome from the founder
  2. Mobile App Highlight
  3. Food philosophy
  4. Menu Item Highlight: Curry Chicken
  5. Our Values
  6. Menu Item Highlight: Avocados
  7. Spotify Playlist Highlight
  8. Menu Item Highlight: Masala Mama

Ivan Ramen Welcome Emails

  1. Welcome from the founder
  2. Our story
  3. Menu Item Highlight: The Shio Ramen
  4. Menu Item Highlight: Squid
  5. Thank You Message
  6. A Message From the Founder
  7. Menu Item Highlight: Red Chili Ramen

Liang's Village Welcome Emails

  1. Welcome
  2. Our Story
  3. Menu Item Highlight: Beef Noodle Soup
  4. How to order
  5. Menu Item Highlight: Pork Wontons
  6. Menu Item Highlight: Beef Pancake Wrap



Automating Welcome Email Instructions

  1. Mailchimp integration with Bikky: Ensure your Mailchimp account is integrated with Bikky if not done already. If not integrated, add mailchimp@bikky.com as an admin to your Mailchimp account and contact your Bikky Onboarding Manager to enable the integration.
  2. Bikky Guest Segmentation: Build a segment in segmentation with the criteria "First Order Date is within the last 1 days" and when you save the segment, select the checkbox for Mailchimp Sync. 
  3. Mailchimp classic automation: Set up a classic automation within Mailchimp with the trigger from your Bikky segment. Learn how to set up a classic automation in this article.
    1. Trigger: Delay set to "immediately" and select the tag the was created from your segment.
    2. Ensure that your Schedule is set to "Send at" a specific time. Bikky recommends sometime in the late morning.

Welcome Email Automation Instructional Video