Guest Retention Report Guide

Questions about the Guest Retention Report in your CDP dashboard? Here's a guide to walk you through it!

What are Guests?

Guests are identifiable customer profiles in Bikky. For example, if two orders use the same phone number, we will link both to a single profile. Each anonymous order is considered a unique profile.


This dashboard analyzes guests. That means every graph is counting or averaging across the number of guests.


This dashboard is focused on exploring two metrics across a number of dimensions.

  1. New Guests - What is the volume of guests that we've never seen before?
  2. Return Rate - How many of these new guests return within 30 days of their first visit?


This is a cohort-oriented dashboard, which simply means that we are grouping guests by the month they first visited. This makes it easier to make intuitive comparisons of retention figures over time.