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SMS Automation Best Practices

  • Run one campaign per month since the date range acts as a "throttle" feature that enables one text per guest within the date range. 
  • Use merge fields for dynmaic content: [CUSTOMER_NAME] updates based on the guest's first name who is receiving the text message and [LOCATION_NAME] updated based on the location from which that guest placed their order from (the location name is the name within the Bikky Dashboard).
  • Bikky will not send text messages past 9:00 pm. So if a guest orders after 7:00 pm, they will not get a text until the next day in the morning.
  • Shorter text messages with simple, easy asks get a higher response rate and lower unsubscribe rate. For example, an ask that is simple and easy is asking for a thumbs up or thumbs down rather than asking for a review on Yelp.
  • You must include "If you no longer want to receive messages from us, reply STOP" at the end at the end of your text message.