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Create an SMS Automation

Send automated feedback texts to your guests after they order.

Bikky's SMS feature enables text messages to automatically send to guests two hours after their order for feedback about their experience.


To create an SMS automation, follow these steps, or you can watch this instructional video.

  1. Screen Shot 2021-04-22 at 10.50.19 AMScreen Shot 2021-04-22 at 10.52.07 AMIn the Bikky Dashboard, navigate to Automations in the left sidebar, then click "Add new SMS automation" to begin campaign setup.
  2. Name your campaign (internal name only).
  3. In the "Where" section, select the location(s) that will trigger the text message.
  4. In the "When" section, set date range for when the SMS automation will start and end.
  5. In the "What" section, write your text message or select a template.
  6. In the "Who" section, select the order sources that will trigger the text message.
  7. Then click Schedule to begin your SMS automation!




[CUSTOMER_NAME] can be used as a dynamic field to insert the first name of the
guest who is receiving the text.

[LOCATION_NAME] can be used as a dynamic field to insert the name of the
location from which the guest ordered from.

The date range acts as a "throttle" feature to regulate how often a guest can
be texted. Within the date range, a guest will only receive one text message.

The text message must include: "If you no longer want to receive messages from
us, reply STOP."


SMS Setup Instructional Video