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Create an Email Automation

Automate your emails with Bikky and Mailchimp.

To create an email automation, follow these steps or you can watch this instructional video.

  1. In the Bikky Dashboard, create a segment in guest segmentation and enable Mailchimp tag syncing.

    The name of the segment will be the tag name. The tag is automatically generated in Mailchimp about 15 minutes from the creation of the segment or when the first guest meets its criteria. If you have an existing segment that did not initially sync a tag to Mailchimp, you can edit the segment details and enable Mailchimp syncing by clicking "Manage Segment" within the segment.
    Screen Shot 2021-04-22 at 2.14.04 PM

  2. Create your emails in the email templates section of Mailchimp (not required, but a best practice). 
  3. Go to automations and build a classic automation.

  4. Select "Email subscribers when they're tagged" for the automation type.
    Screen Shot 2021-04-22 at 2.33.18 PM

  5. Name your automation and select the master audience that is synced to the Bikky Dashboard.
  6. Set the first email to trigger "immediately" and select the tag from the segment that you created earlier. (Don't worry, the email will not send immediately when a guest meets the segment criteria if you set a time for the schedule in the next step, which is recommended.)

  7. Set email schedule to the desired time and day(s). The best practice here is to send the email out each day of the week and to set the time to "send at" a specific time, usually late morning or late afternoon. Then, click Design Email.

  8. The Email Information section contains your internal email name, subject line, preview text (optional, but recommended), and the name and email address for the "To" field. You can always go back to adjust these settings. Once set, click "Next" to select a template.

  9. If you are selecting a template you have saved in Email Templates, then select "saved template" to choose your email. If you are creating your email directly in the automation, then select a blank layout. Click "Next" to continue.

  10. The next section is email design. If you selected a template and want to edit it, then you can do that here. Once a template is selected, the email in the automation is not effected by edits to the template in the Template section, and vice versa, any edits to the email in the automation does not effect the template. Learn more about templates and email design here.

  11. Now add more emails!

  12. The trigger for subsequent emails should be "x days after subscribers are sent the previous email." Bikky recommends 3-5 days between each email, depending on the campaign and your guests' order frequency. Also, don't forget to set the schedule to send at a specific time. 

  13. When you have added all of your emails, then you click "Next" in the bottom right and begin the automation. If you want to save the automation as a draft, then click "save and exit" on the top right and click "Dashboard" then click "Exit without starting."

Email Automation Instructional Video